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According to journalists Geoffrey A. Fowler and Jeffry A. Trachtenberg at the Wall Street Journal, Amazon will today be announcing not only a new version of its Kindle Ebook Reader , but also that it has signed an agreement with best-selling author Stephen King for a work that will be available exclusively on the Kindle Ebook Reader!

Quite a coup as Stephen King's novels are always best-sellers! Will he be doing signed first editions of the new Ebook Reader we wonder ? Is he to be known as Stephen Kingle from now on ? The answers to all these question and more may be revealed by a strange entity sniffing around the press conference at 10 a.m. ET. Poo what is that smell ?!

Amazon's Ebook Readers tend to sell like hot cakes - I wonder if they've got Oprah lined up to endorse it again, or maybe the great Obama himself ?

Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader Version 2 With Supermodel Standing on Her Head
In the latest King ouvrage a Kindle-like entity allegedly plays a role.

(<---- New Kindle Ebook Reader with Supermodel Standing on Her Head)

Taiwanese manufacturer Prime View International makes the screens for the Kindle Ebook Reader, and according to them the shortage in Kindles was a result of Amazon's conservative sales forecast. Like I've said before, silly Amazon ! don't they understand the Power of the Presence of Oprah !? Although apparently Oprah wasn't paid for the endorsement, it was a spontaneous outpouring of enthusiasm - so maybe Amazon were not totally to blame for the sudden unexpected upsurge in sales.

On the day of the endorsement, traffic from to increased more than 15,000% according to Experian PLC's Hitwise.

Amazon has asked Prime View to make more screens this time, but with Stephen King joining the Ebook Reader party have they underdone it again?

The new version of the Kindle Ebook Reader will also have a slightly larger screen.

Amazon is apparently also working to make Ebook Reader titles available on cellphones.

I think they should just make the Kindle into a cellphone and save themselves a lot of trouble.

The Ebook Reader is certainly an excellent product by all accounts and, as I've also said before, this may be a good time to buy stock in Amazon.

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