New Kindle Ebook Reader Coming

Ebook Reader - Amazon to launch Version 2 of their Kindle Digital Book Reader on Feb. 24

Kindle 2 Son of Ebook Reader

Ebook Reader Kindle 2

It's not quite official yet but Amazon are organizing a press conference on Monday 9Feb. to announce the launch of version 2 of their best-selling digital book reader - the Kindle 2 Ebook Reader.

Ever since Oprah said "The Kindle Ebook Reader is my favorite gadget" sales have skyrocketed and the Kindle quickly sold out. Since then people have been eagerly awaiting version 2 of Amazon's ebook reader. Well it looks like that wait is soon to be over.

In the new ebook reader, Kindle 2, the main improvement over Kindle 1 is that this digital book reader is very much slimmed down to resemble Steve Jobs' Apple products.

There are now some official looking pictures of the Kindle Ebook Reader emerging which show that the Kindle 2 is a lot thinner than the Kindle 1 something for which ebook readers around the world will be eternally grateful and in addition the back appears to be metal and stereo speakers adorn bottom.
Amazon Kindle 2 Ebook Reader and Pencil
The cost of this particular digital book reader, however, does not seem to have slimmed down - it will still cost you $359, but bear in mind that there is a thriving market in second-hand and refurbished ebook readers with people selling Kindles for more than they paid for them on places like Craigs list.

So it might be worth your while to invest in a few and try to make a quick buck if the Amazon Kindle 2 sells out as quickly as the Kindle 1 did! You may also want to wait a while to see the Onyx Ebook Reader the Boox which is due to be shipped in April 2010.

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