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Ebook Reader - Plastic Logic To Launch the QUE Ebook Reader

Plastic Logic Que Ebook ReaderAs Amazon announces a cut-down but more expensive version of the Kindle for the UK (we like paying more for things in the UK), Plastic Logic has today revealed that it will be unveiling the QUE in January 2010, at CES, which they describe as the first proReader for business professionals.

I thought Kindle was a pretty dumb name for a gadget, well IMHO Plastic Logic have gone one step further with the Que, in the UK at least. Que ? Has entered the language of just around everyone in the UK ever since Manuel in Fawlty Towers for whom que ? was the sign of his total lack of comprehension of anything that was happening. So an odd choice of name.

Apart from that, Plastic Logic says it is expanding the eReader category, from consumer leisure devices to lighten the load of the modern businessperson.

In addition to everything the Kindle does the QUE will also support the document formats business users need (PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel etc.).

“QUE enhances business performance and gives you a competitive edge. More than an eReader, QUE means business.”

The QUE will be ultra thin, lightweight and wireless-enabled, and measure 8.5 x 11 inch, and be less than a 1/3 inch thick.

It will have the largest screen in the industry and an intuitive touch screen user interface.

It will also feature a shatterproof plastic display which along with E Ink Vizplex® technology will provide an "outstanding reading experience". The battery can also last days, instead of hours.

The QUE will provide wireless downloads via Wi-Fi and AT&T’s 3G network.

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