Books for Your Ebook Reader

Ebook Reader - Where Can I Download Books for My Ebook Reader?

If you've already got an Ebook Reader, be it an Amazon Kindle or one of the others, or if you think you might be getting one soon, and you don't intend flipping it for a quick profit - see Make Money Online Flipping Kindles - then you will need to download books to it now and again.

So where can you download ebooks for your Ebook Reader?

Obviously you can go to Amazon but there are other places where you can download ebooks for your digital book reader, some of them for free.

Gutenberg over 27,000 free books - mainly classics and books out of copyright. Also books in foreign languages

Free Kindle Ebooks basically the same as Gutenberg but in more Kindle ebook reader friendly format

World Library say they have over 500,000 ebooks -there is an $8.95 annual fee, there may be other fees too, I had a quick look but it's not clear (make it clearer World Library !) - life's too short

Munseys - over 25,000 more in case you are a speed reader.

So around 750,000 ebooks for your Kindle Ebook Reader - lots of them free plus of course about 200,000 on Amazon. So many words so little time !


Make Money Flipping Kindles

Ebook Readers - Amazon's Ebook Reader Selling Like Hot Kindles

The Kindle Ebook Reader is the hot Christmas gift this year, largely, I suspect, due to Oprah calling it her "favorite gadget", although sales were doing well even before her celebrity endorsement.

Amazon, to its eternal shame, underestimated the Power of Oprah and so has run out of Kindle's for sale. You can get refurbished Kindles if you look hard enough (see the comments to our previous Kindle post). Or if you are lucky enough to have got a Kindle already then you can flip it and double your money.

One lucky guy got a Kindle digital book reader as a gift from his girlfriend (worth $359) and immediately put it up for sale on Craig's list for $500, with girlfriend's permission of course (don't they sound like a nice couple).

At the moment, Amazon's Kindle ebook reader can be found on eBay (spit), Craigslist, and Amazon's second-hand product site at prices up to $1,500. So well done all those folks in the US who saw this coming and stocked their garages with shiny new Kindles!

Amazon were caught with their leotards down and will only be getting more stock in February, so bad Amazon but they may benefit from higher prices in 2009.

Amazon first introduced the Kindle Ebook Reader in November 2007. The device allows users to download books, newspapers, magazines, blogs etc... and displays them on an a screen that looks like paper.

According to Forrester Research Inc., Amazon has probably sold 400,000 ebook readers although others put the figures as high as 450,000. Buy shares in Amazon?

Amazon is planning a new version of the Kindle in 2009 and is expanding the amount of stuff you can download, with over 200,000 books, plus blogs, and publications.
foxit ebook reader
By 2010, the Kindle and associated digital books, at $1 billion, may represent 4% of Amazon's revenue, said analyst Mark Mahaney of Citigroup Inc., a Kindle user.

You can also contact Amazon about publishing your own blog to people on the move, via the Kindle, it wil cost you around $1 a month I believe, but you get a share of revenue, so it is probably worth the effort.

There are competitors to the Kindle, the main one being the Sony Ereader and the new kid on the Ebook Reader block - the Foxit eSlick, which is cheaper at $250 but skimpier.


Kindle Ebook Reader Beats Recession

Ebook Reader - Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader a Runaway Success

As predicted by some (including me) the Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader has been a great hit with the buying public. Particularly since Oprah told everybody that it was her favorite gadget

Amazon thought it had ordered enough Kindles for the Christmas season, but it turns out since the blessing by Oprah there has been a veritable stampede of people wanting to buy a digital book reader and it is now out of stock (Amazon must be kicking themselves as people may be tempted by the Sony Ebook Reader instead). According to the Wall Street Journal new supplies won't be available until February.

Although you can get almost all new releases and bestsellers for the Kindle Ebook Reader, the vast majority of books are still available only in print. Amazon has approx. 200,000 titles to download to the Kindle, and this number is bound to grow - especially when you pay $20 for a hardcover but only $10 for the downloaded version.

With 200,000 titles Kindle is also far ahead of Sony's SNE Ebook Reader, which offers just under 60,000 titles but plans to have 100,000 available by the end of the year.

Video of why the Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader is outselling the Sony Ebook Reader and should do wonders for the Amazon share price