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Ebook Reader - Barnes and Noble Nook Ebook Reader Launch

With Ebook Readers popping up like mushrooms it is hardly surprising that Barnes and Noble, one of the biggest booksellers in the world, should decide to get in on the act. They have created an ebook reader which they have chosen to call the Nook, and which will be a direct competitor to the amazingly successful Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader and the Sony Reader.
Barnes and Noble Nook Ebook Reader
The nook will be based on the Android platform and should be on sale on November 30, at cost of US$259. It will include Wi-Fi and AT&T 3G wireless connectivity, a 6" E-Ink display (which makes the screen look like paper), plus a smaller separate color touchscreen to be used as the primary input device.

The nook is the first ebook reader based on the Android platform and features a MicroSD expansion slot for extra storage. One significant innovative feature of the nook that the Kindle Ebook Reader does not have is the "LendMe" feature. Publishers license some books for sharing, these ebooks can be lent once by the person buying it for up to two weeks. As often seems to be the case the nook is a US-only device.

It also features a built-in WiFi adapter, allowing free access to AT&T-powered hotspots in B&N retail stores.

It does not however have the Kindle's text-to-speech tools and the battery life is 10 days, compared with 14 days for the Kindle.

The nook Ebook Reader can store around 1,500 books and 17,000 books can be stored using the extra memory card supplied free with the nook. The nook eBook reader features 2GB of hard disk memory. You also have access to 1 million books using the nook, so if you read 1 a day you will be able to get through them all in just 2740 years! Pretty neat eh ?

According to Wired the Nook makes the Kindle look old-fashioned.

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