Kindle for PC Application Launched

Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader for PC Application Launched

Amazon has launched its new Ebook Reader Kindle for PC application that allows you to read Kindle books on your computer in colour. You can download e-books even if you don't have an Ebook Reader. The application also synchronises automatically with your Kindle, so you can continue reading your handheld device from the page you finished on. Any bookmarks and notes on your Kindle are also synchronised.

The application is designed with Windows 7 in mind, and lets you use the new touchscreen features such as pinching your fingers to zoom in and out.

The beta version is available now.

Amazon is no doubt pulling out the stops in preparation for Christmas when it expects to make a whole load of money from Kindle Ebook Reader and Ebook sales - but it is not without its competitors. The latest store to announce an Ebook Reader being Barnes and Noble with its Nook .

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