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Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader Press Conference HighlightsAmazon Kindle 2 Ebook Reader

First, some figures : Over 10% of the units Amazon sell are Kindle book sales designed to be read on the Kindle Ebook Reader - an astonishing result, so clearly Amazon are determined to make the most of the Kindle.

The new Kindle Ebook Reader has indeed been slimmed down - it's 0.36-inches thick... the Apple iPhone is 0.48 inches

Kindle 2 - has 7 times more storage than Kindle 1

Strange new feature called Whispersync. You can read a bit on one Kindle then switch to another one and read the rest there -- it keeps your page wirelessly.

Next new feature - the new Ebook Reader reads the text out loud - cool

Next new feature - Stephen King in person live and kicking and reading his story written specially for the Kindle Ebook Reader that is being read from the Kindle and involves the Kindle. Not Kingle's most chilling work apparently, but maybe it gets chillier! It turns out the Kindle in the story has access to other worlds and it's pink - now everyone's going to want a pink Kindle !

Stephen Kingle leaves to applause. Stephen King's Story for the Kindle Ebook Reader is called UR.

Mr Bezos returns to announce the price is $359 - same as the Kindle 1. They want to put every book ever made onto the Kindle ! That's a lot of books a lot of ebooks and a lot of Ebook Readers too no doubt !

USA Today is latest newspaper avaiable on the Kindle Ebook Reader. New Yorker, too. Also new blogs like Gizmodo - you can put your own blog on the Kindle too - details from Amazon - another way of how to make money blogging so I will need to look into it.

The Kindle Ebook Reader 2 can be pre-ordered - will ship on Feb. 24

Special for Kindle 1 owners - if they order before midnight tonight (EST presumably) their order will be prioritized - anyone who hasn't received their Kindle 1 yet will be upgraded to Kindle 2.

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