Kindle 2 Second Coming Soon

Kindle Ebook Reader - Amazon Kindle 2 Launch Expected Soon

Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader Version 2 ExpectAmazon Kindle 2 Ebook Readered

The Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader also sometimes called a digital book reader has been a big hit with the general public, but, due to Amazon not making enough of them, people have been very frustrated when trying to get one and Ebook Readers have been appearing on places like Craigs List and that big yellow and red auction site at second-hand prices higher than the price of the original device. So Kindle Ebook Reader flipping has been a bit of a money-maker for some enterprising types.

Sales really took off when the Kindle Ebook Reader was declared to be Oprah's favorite gadget.

(...Photo of Kindle 2 Ebook Reader by Boy Genius Report)

Now it appears that the Kindle 2 could be just around the corner as Amazon will be making a presentation which it is believed will include the Kindle 2 digital book reader at the Morgan Library in New York on Monday 9 February.

People are expecting the new Kindle 2 to be thinner, more ergonomic, to have a modified keyboard and display, and a better leather pouch instead of the plastic cover. There might also be a joystick to replace the directional pad and the SD card slot for 1GB of internal memory might disappear.

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