Kindle Ebook Reader 3

Kindle Ebook Reader - Kindle 3 Could Launch This Year

New Larger Kindle Ebook Reader On Its Way

Prime View International expects strong shipments of its electrophoretic displays (EPDs) following the launch by Amazon of the Kindle Ebook Reader 2.

The Kindle 2 has a 6 inch electronic paper display EPD with 600x800 resolution and 2GB of memory, it is 0.36-inches thick and weighs just over 10 ounces.

There are also rumours that Amazon will be launching a new ebook reader the Kindle 3 no doubt, by the end of 2009. The even newer Kindle will be larger in size and equipped with touch functions and more aimed at the educational market.

It is said the size will be standard paper size 8.5 x 11-inch.

There are also claims that Hearst Corporation is preparing a brand new competitor to Kindle Ebook Readers, namely a wireless e-reader that will download magazines like Cosmopolitan and Esquire wirelessly.

This certainly would shake up the print industry. Hearst has decided to launch its own e-reader to “preserve the business model that has sustained newspapers and magazines”.

Hearst plans to sell the ebook readers directly to other publishers who will then devise their own pricing schemes, this will allow people to decide which newspaper you read on the train in the morning.

The Hearst "Kindle killer" will be a large, black and white e-ink device and could be released some time this year, followed by a color version later.

In the UK the national newspaper the Daily Mail will distribute its web content on the Kindle Ebook Reader when it is launched in the UK.

And is in discussions to offer US readers access to its daily editions.

James Bromley, Managing Director of the Mail Online, said: "We're in talks with Amazon to launch in the US in the near future and we're also talking about the UK version. The advantages are quite simply the quality and size of the screen."

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