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Ebook Readers - Why Bother With a Kindle Ebook Reader?

Ebook Readers

Are ebook readers any good or any use? You may be wondering whether you should join the over 500,000 other people who have already bought an ebook reader. Well generally speaking, people find that once they have got an ebook reader (ebook readers make nice presents too!) they soon discover that it has become indispensable! amazon kindle 2 ebook reader

Especially for people who travel a lot or are out of the house a lot an ebook reader (in particular the Kindle with its wireless capabilites) really is indispensbale. Some ebook readers may not look nice, but it is the sheer usefulness and practicality of portable book readers that win the argument.

Your ebook reader will quickly reveal itself to be more useful than your laptop, your cell phone or your iPod and if they incorporate a cell phone into your ebook reader - which is not beyond the realms of possibility - then it will be even more indispensable, as you will dispense with your cellphone instead.

The unique sales point of an ebook reader is that you always have access to the documents, books or newspaper you need thanks to its 2GB SD card. You therefore do not have to carry around piles of heavy books and newspapers, they are already starting to make ebook readers available to students.

If you need access to reports or manuals you either have them directly stored already in your ebook reader or, if it is a wireless ebook reader (like the Kindle) then you can download it in just minutes or seconds.

If you just want to relax you can have any nuumber of 'proper' books loaded on your ebook reader or you can download the latest best-sellers wirelessly for less than the price of the printed book.

This all applies to the USA only of course but eventually people eleswhere will be invited to join the ebook reader party which will of course swell Amazon's coffers even more. Did I mentioned that Amazon shares might make a good long-term investment ?

The Kindle 2 ebook reader is expected to be announced tomorrow (Monday Feb. 9) and it is rumoured the price will still be high. But hey that's business, with the Kindle proving so popular why would they bring the price down, just be grateful if they don't put it up.

The Kindle Version 2 will be thinner and sleeker, to entice in the Apple cult no doubt. There is also the Onyx Boox Ebook Reader to consider.

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