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The Amazon Kindle has been a runaway success, thank you Oprah say Amazon !

Amazon's share price rocketed 14% after trading yesterday when it reported $199 million net profit. They said the Kindle ebook reader was now its "number one best-selling item both in unit sales and dollars" - it has also just launched the Kindle Ebook Reader in the UK and is making a free application available for PCs.

Microsoft has no plans to develop its own device so Amazon are onto another winner.

Some facts about the Amazon Kindle for PC .

  • The application will be a free download
  • It will launch in November
  • Kindle for PC is for Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP
  • Windows 7 version will have extra features, such as finger swipes etc..
  • All the Kindle books will be available - that's 360,000 titles
  • You'll be able to transfer previous purchases without paying again.
  • You won't lose your place if you switch from PC to Kindle or iPhone.
  • Kindle notes or highlights will be synchronized.
  • Kindle for PC will let you choose font size and select the number of words to appear on each line
  • Best-sellers will cost $9.99 to download - nice profit margin ! So buy shares in Amazon !

For an alternative to the Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader see Plastic Logic Que Ebook Reader or Sony Digital Reader Touch Edition

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