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The Onyx Boox Ebook Reader Available for Pre-Order

Looking for an ebook reader ? Don't fancy the Kindle ? Well take a look at the Onyx Boox.

Take care with the websites there would appear to be 2 - and - the onyxboox site is owned by a Chinese person in California apparently with a hotmail address. The other address seems to be the bona fide Onyx website.

It would appear that the Onyx Boox 60 is available for pre-order now and the item will be shipped on April 2, 2010. But I suggest you contact the 'International' site to see if you can figure out what they are doing. It is not totally clear.

Check out this video of an Onyx Ebook Reader from someone who has bought one

The boox offers "amazing paper-like reading experience with breakthroughs in E-ink technology (with 16 gray levels) and EPSON’s controller chip (brighter screen and higher contrast)" which is more or less what you would expect from an ebook reader.

You can also write on the screen without compromising brightness and you can search, highlight, annotate, and input text with a pen no problem.

Wireless connectivity.

Supports multiple formats
High quality support for most prevailing formats: PDF, HTML, TXT, Mobipocket (Non-DRM)m CHM, PDB, PNG, JPG, TIFF, BMP, MP3, etc.

Languages supported include : English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Arabic, Simple and Traditional Chinese, etc.

Extremely low power consumption, one charge allows weeks of reading.

Hardware Specification

6" E Ink® Vizplex® EPD display
16-level grayscale
Touch panel with full screen scribble
128MB RAM or above
532MHz processor or above
512MB Flash or above
SD/MMC with SDIO & SDHC support
USB 2.0 with OTG support
Wi-Fi/CDMA 1XRTT/GPRS/3G (option)
2.5mm Stereo Headphone Jack
1600mAh replaceable Li-ion battery

Search and dictionary support
Text to speech (TTS) support
Font size & family change,
Zoom in/out
Bookmark/Table of contents

The Onyx boox will cost around $299 or 299 euros.

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