Kindle Ebook Reader Beats Recession

Ebook Reader - Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader a Runaway Success

As predicted by some (including me) the Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader has been a great hit with the buying public. Particularly since Oprah told everybody that it was her favorite gadget

Amazon thought it had ordered enough Kindles for the Christmas season, but it turns out since the blessing by Oprah there has been a veritable stampede of people wanting to buy a digital book reader and it is now out of stock (Amazon must be kicking themselves as people may be tempted by the Sony Ebook Reader instead). According to the Wall Street Journal new supplies won't be available until February.

Although you can get almost all new releases and bestsellers for the Kindle Ebook Reader, the vast majority of books are still available only in print. Amazon has approx. 200,000 titles to download to the Kindle, and this number is bound to grow - especially when you pay $20 for a hardcover but only $10 for the downloaded version.

With 200,000 titles Kindle is also far ahead of Sony's SNE Ebook Reader, which offers just under 60,000 titles but plans to have 100,000 available by the end of the year.

Video of why the Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader is outselling the Sony Ebook Reader and should do wonders for the Amazon share price


Karen in TN said...

There is an alternative that may get you a Kindle for Christmas (without resorting to sky-high ebay prices) -- the refurbished Kindles keep coming back in stock at Amazon. There were several available on the web site yesterday, appearing at times from very early morning until midnight. From the comments and emails I've received from those who grabbed one, there must have been at least dozen in stock in the morning and several more in stock in the afternoon and evening, so it pays to keep checking the link:

Note that if the refurbished units are sold out, that page will also display "used" Kindles being sold by third parties, not Amazon. Generally these are new or only slightly used units, sold at a premium due to the shortage. I know that many dozens of the refurbished Kindles have been sold and shipped since Dec 1, but they go in an out of stock quickly. They don't last on the site very long, so if you want one, you must order it immediately if you find one in stock. If you they are out of stock when you check, be sure to read my blog for tips on getting one:

Online Stock Trading said...

Hi Karen

Thanks for the info re refurbished Ebook Readers - I left a comment on your site - your links have not come out as links you need to add the necessary html code before posting links - e.g. Shares to Watch . Let me know if you need any help. Vic

Karen in TN said...

OK, let me try again on the URL's (it seems every site has different standards for making these work).

This is the site for checking for stock of a refurbished Kindle

Tips on getting a refurbished Kindle:

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