Self-Publish on Kindle Ebook Reader

Self-Publishing using the Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader

If you have tried self-publishing already you have probably discovered it's not as easy as it looks. But if you have a US social security number then Amazon has just very kindly created a new outlet for your works - the Kindle Ebook Reader. You can now self-publish your books for the Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader (Oprah's favorite gadget in case you hadn't heard and selling like hot cakes !).

It's free to publish via the Amazon Kindle and your title will be right up there with all the big names on Amazon. You share the proceeds of any sales with Amazon. Bear in mind that certain things are prohibited - these are the usual suspects such as pornography, offensive material, illegal material etc...

Compared to trying to find a traditional publisher the process is a piece of cake. It's all explained at, where the have an example with explanations. Basically you enter the title, your name, you describe the book, including multiple keywords, upload the text, preferably in HTML, make any changes needed, enter a price between 99 cents and $200. Amazon can change the price if they feel it is unrealistic. You receive 35% of the list price. Click 'Publish' and around 12 hours later your work of art will appear on Amazon.

Electronic Ebook Readers are still in their infancy and are already revealing interesting opportunities for writers and publishers, so if you have a book you feel the world should read check out Amazon

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