Kindle Ebook Reader for Christmas

Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader Sales

The Kindle Ebook Reader - the Must Have Christmas Present for 2008?

Amazon's Kindle E-book reader is expected to sell more than 375,000 in 2008, at least according to CitiGroup analysts. Waterstones says that e-books are the future and will be selling Sony Readers in its high street stores.

The impressive Kindle sales figures are the result of positive product reviews of the product and the fact that the Kindle Ebook Reader is still topping Amazons best-selling list. Analyst Mark Mahaney says that his sales forecasts are more or less the same as those of the iPod in its first year.

Amazon are not the only ones getting into electronic books in 2008 - Waterstones has been selling Sony's Reader since September, and is putting content for sale on its website. It's a good idea to sell the Reader in shops as you can't get an idea of the quality of the electronic-ink screens without seeing them.

The Kindle sold out quickly after it was launched on Amazon at the end of 2007. And the company recently increased supply to meet demand. They also cut the price of the Kindle from $399 to $359, which is still expensive! According to some analysts the Kindle Ebook Reader achieves sales of 55,000 a month. In addition consumers are just learning how to use it. As Kindle buyers get used to all the features of the Ebook Reader — and as the number of books and magazines and newspapers increases — they buy more.

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