Ebook Readers Have Bright Future

Ebook Readers Set for a Bright Future

J. Gerry Purdy has just written an excellent article on Ebook Readers entitled Why eBooks and Ebook Readers Will Eventually Succeed click the link to read the full article.

He lists 15 features Ebook Readers must have to succeed, which are, in no particular order :-
Instant on/off - Correct size - High-contrast, high-resolution, bright color display - Great (natural) user interface - Random access - Storage - Durability - Easy annotation - Acceptable cost - Easy access to dictionary and synonyms/antonyms - Acceptable business models - Built-in wireless communications - Broader distribution - Acceptable digital rights management (DRM) and intellectual property protection - Integrated animation and video

Accord to Gerry Purdy there is still some way to go before Ebook Readers have all these features, but, he says, once these criteria are met the market will explode and there will be 75% adoption worldwide in less than 10 years from when the Ebook Reader has the right set of technologies.

Personally I think they will take off sooner, particularly with college students as they appreciate the ability to replace a dozen or so heavy books with one Ebook Reader which does a lot more in addition.

I suspect in fact that Santa will be delivering a lot of Ebook Readers this year !

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