New Sony Reader PRS-700

New Sony Ebook Reader PRS-700 with Touch Screen

The Amazon Kindle is not the only ebook reader on the market. Sony’s ReadeSony Ebook Readerr Third Generation Digital Ebook has just been launched, with the model number PRS-700, as an addition to the previous model the Sony Reader PRS-505.

New features include an interactive touch screen display to create a highly intuitive digital reading experience.

This new Sony Reader has the same size as slim paperback book and weeighs only 10 ounces.

The sizeable 6 inch display with touch screen lets you flip pages with your finger. You can also search terms inside a document or book, make notes via the virtual keyboard and highlight text using the stylus pen.

There are 5 pre-set text sizes and you can zoom in even further just by tapping the screen.

The new Sony Reader has the same high-resolution and high contrast electronic paper which means that reading the screen is practically the same as looking at ink-on-paper. Sony’s new Reader is the first to feature a built-in LED reading ligsony ebook readerht for cases when there is no ambient light.

The expanded memory has capacity for 350 average digital books and with the optional removable Memory Stick Duo media or SD memory cards, the new Reader can store thousands of books and documents.

Sony have also revamped their eBook store with improved visual appeal and a streamlined checkout process.

The new Ebook Reader will cost around $399 in the US and £199 in the UK and along with the Amazon Kindle should prove very popular as a Christmas present.

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