Amazon's Kindle Ebook Reader Review

Ebook Reader - Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader Review

Amazon's Ebook reader is excellent says Robert Mohns of Macintouch - his review of the ebook reader is also excellent and extremely detailed - I have put the main conclusions below.

Amazon’s Kindle Ebook reader does more than read books. Its wireless connection allows you to read books, newspapers, magazines and blogs, and the web in general, but it’s not so good with graphics so sites with lots of pictures are best viewed on your computer.

As a digital book reader the Kindle is so good you forget you are using it within a few minutes. More type and layout options for book designers would be better along with higher resolution displays. Colour would also be nice.

The Kindle Ebook Reader is superior to printed books in many ways - searchable content, including any notes you make; you can have hundreds of books with you at any time; blogs that update continuously; no configuration needed. The Kindle Ebook Reader is excellent for removing clutter, as you have all your books and magazines in the same place.
But despite being electronic you quickly come to consider it as a book.

· extensive library at afforadble prices
· instantaneous wireless delivery
· purchased books are backed up online
· Web access is wireless and free
· most non-Amazon content is supported
· long life battery

· no sidebars and infographics on magzines and newspapers
· limited web browser
· audible set-up requires Windows-only software

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