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Kindle Ebook Reader - Get Paid to Publish Your Blog on the Kindle

One of the more unusual features of the Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader is that if you are a blogger you can publish your blog on it for people to download and you can make some money in the process.

Readers have to pay of course which means your blog has got to be pretty interesting or indispensable !

Until now only the big blogs could apply to be included in the blog directory but from today onwards anyone even Joe Bloggs can make their blog available thanks to the Kindle Publishing for Blogs Beta program.

As a blogger you just make the feed for your blog available to the Kindle Store, and Amazon does everything else. They format your content for the Kindle. Amazon says it's as easy as pie and your blog will be ready for public consumption in the Kindle Store after 48 hours processing maximum. You need to sign up for a new account (it won't work with your Amazon account). You enter your name, a password, and then answer some security questions, and decide how you want to receive payment. PayPal is not accepted, but a checking account is fine.

You then publish your blog, enter your RSS feed information, blog title, a tagline, author, description, masthead, screenshot, language, website address, keywords, and set some categories

Your blog will get 30% of the monthly subscription price for every subscriber that signs up. This seems very low as mobile applications developers usually get to keep 70% at least of revenues.

How much will subscribers pay? Amazon will “define the price based on what we deem is a fair value for customers.” At the moment most blogs cost $1.99 a month.

30% for publishers equates to around 60 cents so a hundred subscribers would bring in $60 but like everything else on the Internet is getting the traffic that will be the problem. But if you've got a popular blog that already gets lots of readers then making it available on the Kindle Ebook Reader makes a lot of sense.

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