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Amazon Kindle DX - Amazon's New Ebook ReaderAmazon Kindle DX Ebook Reader PDF Reader

Amazon introduced version 3 of the Kindle ebook reader or pdf reader today. It does not have a color display and does not to come with Wi-Fi, games, apps or music playback. It does however offer trade books - the Kindle DX now displays textbooks, cookbooks and computer books on an electronic screen measuring 9.7 inch with 16 shades of grey (compared with 6" on the Kindle 2), and a resolution of 1200 x 824 pixels (150ppi). Newspapers and magazines are already available on Amazon's ebook reader. The new Kindle will be known as the Kindle DX and will be sold for $489 this summer.

Amazon's aim is to entice Amazon Kindle DX Kindle Ebook Reader PDF Readerstudents to use the Kindle DX via the larger screen and improved display. Pearson, Cengage, and John Wiley will make textbooks available through the Kindle DX. Trials will be started at Arizona State, Princeton, Reed College, Case Western Reserve, and Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia this autumn. Kindle DX ebook readers will be distributed to students. Barbara Snyder, president of Case Western said : "We look forward to seeing how the device affects the participation of both students and faculty in the educational experience."

To encourage newspaper readers to buy the new Kindle, Amazon has joined forces with desperate newspapers The New York Times and Washington Post and persuaded them to stump up some cash in an attempt to save themselves from extinction. Subscribers who live in places where no home delivery is provided will be able to buy the Kindle DX at a discount, provided they agree to take out a long-term subscription to the paper via the Kindle DX.

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