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With the success of the Kindle Ebook Reader are we witnessing the end of the printed book ? Apparently not.

An "Espresso Book Machine" (EBM) which allows you to print out books on demand in 5 minutes has been installed at Blackwell's Bookshop in London, at 100 Charing Cross.

This is the first espresso book machine to be installed in the UK, although there has been one in the New York Public Library since 2007. There are currenty 15 EBMs installed worldwide in the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK and Egypt. It was also featured by Time Magazine as the best invention of 2007. The machine prints any book from the 400,000 titles available in 5 minutes.

The books printed are claimed to be "identical to books found in a bookshop", and represents the ideal solution for obtaining out of print books, or niche publications.

Customers will be able to buy their espresso book machine printed from April 27 or they can order online at or you can upload whatever you wanted printed from a CD or flashdrive.

The Espresso Book Machine was created by On Demand Books (ODB). It uses revolutionary technology to print, bind and trim paperback books at a speed of 112 pages per minute, including 4-colour covers, identical in fact to normal factory printed books.

The launch of the Espresso Book Machine in the UK is the result of an exclusive agreement between Blackwell and ODB. It will certainly cause a stir in the book-selling world and the Charing Cross EBM is no doubt the first of many, as Blackwell has shops in both Oxford and Cambridge and over 50 outlets around the UK.

Blackwell also hopes to provide a distribution channel for smaller publishers and is keen to attract a new audience of budding authors and self publishers who want to see their work in print.
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