Kindle Ebook Reader Problem

Kindle Ebook Reader - Reasons Not to Buy an Amazon Kindle

Take care if you decide to buy an Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader it seems that they if they take dislike to your behaviour they can ban you from actually using your Kindle with their Amazon service by switching it off !

They recently banned someone from using Amazon for making too many returns, and at the same time they also disabled his Kindle account, even though the returns he made had nothing to do with the Kindle or with ebooks !

So if they switch off your Kindle account what happens? You can still use your Kindle and still read the books you have bought , but you can't download any more books from Amazon, you can't receive any newspaper or magazine subscriptions, you can't email documents to Amazon, and you can't buy any new ebooks.

In other words your $359 ebook reader only works as long as Amazon allows it to work!

That's Digital Rights Management for you — it means you never really own things even though you think you've bought them,

The user in question got access to his Kindle restored by Amazon as a "courtesy", but Amazon reserves the right to switch it off again if he doesn't behave himself.

Well, that has certainly turned me off ever wasting my money on a Kindle.

Amazon reinstated the person's account stating that "if a higher-than-acceptable number of concession incidents occur in the future" they will reinstore the ban.

Well to me this sounds outrageous. Is there anything you can do ?

Tech-savvy individuals can figure out how to remove the DRM on the books they buy so they can be read on any device. If Amazon continues putting DRM on the ebooks it sells, it's the only way you can guarantee that you own the books you buy. For further info. see

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