Kindle Ebook Reader for Christmas?

Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader For Christmas - But which One? DX or Ordinary?

The Amazon Kindle Amazon Kindle would make a great gift for someone for Christmas - but which one should you get? There is the 'normal' Wireless Kindle Latest GenerationKindle with a diagonal screen size of 6" or the Kindle DX Wireless Kindle DX with the bigger 9.7" diagonal.

Amazon Kindle

So if size is all you are interested in then the choice is simple. Except of course that size ain't everything. There is also the price to consider.

Currently the 6" is perfectly adequate and will cost you $139 from Amazon, the 9.7" version will on the other hand set you back $379 - so that might have made up your mind for you right there.

In addition to length you need to consider the weight - the 6" version of the Kindle weighs 8.7 ounces (i.e. a small bag of sugar) the Kindle DX Kindle DX on the other hand weighs 18.9 ounces (i.e. a large bag of sugar and a bit more and you probably need two hands most of the time).

So basically the latest generation 6 incher is like a lightweight paperback book that fits discreetly in your pocket, whereas the chunky 9.7" is a heavy hardback that doesn't fit in your pocket. Holding the DX with one hand for any length of time is no mean feat, so you will also need to carry a table around with you.

In addition, the battery life for the small version is about 3 times longer than the large DX version.

Both versions of the Kindle store 3,500 books and give you access to over 700,000 books and magazines etc... They also give you access to 1.8 million free books that are out of copyright, such as Pride and Prejudice or Call of the Wild or Moby Dick etc... So you've got some serious reading ahead of you !

There are a whole host of other features with both Kindles, such as Built-In PDF Reader: Auto-Rotating Screen on the DX: Read-to-Me text-to-speech feature, which can read newspapers, magazines, blogs, and books out loud,

For a video giving the full details of each version of the Kindle see the links below:-

Kindle Wireless Wi-Fi 6 inches

Kindle DX Wireless Wi-Fi 9.7 inches

Kindle DXSince Oprah declared the Kindle her favorite gadget a couple of years ago it has become the number one selling electronic article on Amazon, for obvious reasons, not least of which is that it lets you carry around a whole host of books and magazines in one simple device.

So there is probably someone you know who would appreciate one for Christmas, but don't hang around as Amazon has been known to run out of them before due to the high demand.

Thank you for reading this far ! And Merry Christmas :-)

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