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Kindle Ebook Reader - Amazon Launches iPhone Application for Ebooks

Amazon Kindle for iPhone and iTouch Application

Amazon has launched a free Kindle for iPhone application in the iPhone App Store for use on iPhones and iTouches that will allow users to buy and download ebooks without the need to but a Kindle Ebook Reader. They have made all 240,000 Kindle ebooks available on the smaller devices. This deal, which is probably not the last of its type, has been expected since Amazon announced that the Kindle 2 would include "Whispersync" that enables users to read the same book on a number of different ebook readers and devices. Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader 2

Amazon VP Ian Freed said "We're really excited to expand the ability for customers to get access to over 240,000 books ... I'm really excited about being able to offer that to customers on other devices. But nothing to talk about today." "I would say it would be coming soon."

Whispersync is a major advance in freeing a Kindle ebook or publication from the confines of the Kindle ebook reader itself but the Kindle 2 nevertheless remains the bset way to read it.

Freed says "Nearly every smartphone available has the development environment and even some phones that are not considered smartphones, have, for example, the ability to develop Java apps, so theoretically any of those platforms is open to anything, whether it's us building a Kindle application or it's ESPN building a sports ticker application. ... There's no limitation on that."

It takes around 5 minutes to go to the iPhone app store and get everything you need to have access to your favourite books

The good thing of course is that you don't have to fork out $359 for a Kindle Ebook Reader. The downside is you don't get the full functionality associated with the Kindle such as e-ink and e-paper but you get most of the features.

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