Kindle Ebook Reader Amazon Bestseller

Ebook Reader - Amazon Kindle Digital Book Reader is a Best-Seller

kindle ebook readerIf you have managed to get hold of an Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader then you might want to consider selling it on as apparently they are very difficult to get hold of and are selling on the second-hand market for more than they originally cost. This only applies if you live in the US of course, as they are not for sale in Canada or the UK yet.

On Amazon's site you can see that the Kindle digital book reader is in fact their best-selling electronic device, ahead of the Canon PowerShot A590IS - one of the best digital cameras around.

For a very good review of the Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader and the Sony PRS-505 Reader (which does work in Canada) check out

If you want to buy a Kindle Ebook Reader from Amazon there is a 2 month wait at the moment and they are said to be bringing out a new version soon. The new ebook reader Amazon Kindle 2 should be with us in early February in fact.

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