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This blog provides news, information and reviews about ebook readers, sometimes known as e-book readers or digital book readers or even electronic book readers. An ebook reader is a portable dogital book reader that display books on a screen using epaper displays (EPDs) to allow you to read books in a handheld electronic format on the go, e.g. when commuting to work. The new ebook reader created by Amazon, called 'Kindle', has been getting good reviews, and looks as if it might turn ebook readers into mass-market devices. Epaper displays used on ebook readers look astonishingly similar to real paper.

Amazon's Kindle Ebook Reader combines a number of useful features - inexpensive flash memory, a low-power processor, EVDO networking and an EPD that uses almost no power.

Epaper displays are being used in devices other than ebook readers, such as watches, cellphones and credit cards. EPDs are very friendly when it comes to power consumption and can run for days rather than the hours normally associated with electronic devices.

Epaper and ebook readers are currently still in their infancy. At the moment they are only available in black and white but this will change as the technology improves.

At the moment epaper represents just 0.1% of the paper publishing market but if it grows to just 3% that would represent a market of around $400 billion.

Amazon is just about to launch its Kindle Ebook Reader Version 2 wih, according to rumour an exclusive book deal signed with Stephen King.

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